Sunday, October 30, 2011

Please stay..

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera.

It been a while since my last post. Yes, the "aura" is not coming in. I dunnoe where it go...forgive me for my grammatical error. Need to start typing again. And again talk about same thing which i need to start to blog again. I did thinking a while, bout deleting this blog and restart a new blog, but whats the point anyway? It still the same right? I want to delete all those history. but again, the question keep coming. why? why? ok, stop it. I hate when i start talking to myself. feeling like org gila sekejap.

basically, my life start boring again. again n again. wake up as early as 4.30 in morning. Get ready to office. At 5 AM start my bumblebee, and shoot to Cyberjaya. Yeah, talking bout my dear bumblebee, it been a while jugak x basuh kereta. Oh, poor u my darling. I been so busy. ok, tipu! i been so lazy to kuar at front of my house and basuh my car. Nk pegi anta carwash yg normally i sent tu, tbe2 jadi a bit afraid after the owner of the car wash somehow being super duper nice and gave me a weird smile. He even notice me every time i sent my car there, He will be the last one who touch up balik before giving me the key. Ok, i feel uncomfortable and because of that i'm afraid to go to that car wash again! Ok, enough bout the car-wash thingy. At office, login at 6 AM and yada2..normally my lunch schedule around 9-10 AM and then finish my work at 3 pm. Abes keje balik umah, mkn tgk tv. That's how the cycle go around and around and around. Phew~~ i'm at the point where i sick of it. waa...maybe i need a rest from the boring cycle?

Plus irman left. Sad. huhu. He is one of my good friend at office. He always bought me nasi goreng pagi2 and also get me water from pantry even without asking him. Such a lovely boy. He left after got the job offer at Exxonmobile as engineer-whatever. Actually i'm not sure what exactly his new post that he got but i'm sure that it was engineering-related- kind of. Ok, i'll be missing him.
One more thing. i'm broke! Damn, baru masuk gaji 2 hari lalu n i spent it for one day only! weuu~~ First time ever in my life. After this, i need to go into skim-ikat perut until next gaji. All the joli2 thingy also need to be postpone until next month. harap maklum.

Gadis Semasa. *tbe2 gadis semasa - lepas tgk vid klip Yuna gadis semasa**

p/s: title xde kne mngena ngn isi kandungan. It just the song that i post on wall at FB. I heart that song so much. Stay by estrella. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday, October 08, 2011


' Belajarlah daripada Bulan mengambang. Bulan hanya mengambang sekali sekala.. Bulan tidak mengambang setiap malam.. kerana dengan mengambang sekali sekala itulah pungguk jadi perindu, manusia tertunggu-tunggu.. ' ..

credit : copied someone status over fb

Friday, October 07, 2011

Time flies.

credit : facebook. curik dari page org

p/s : mood swing.

p/s 2 : aku da lmbat g opis, ade treasure hunt !how on earth aku ley terlibat pon aku x taw. sbb dari zaman uni aku bnci btol bnda2 mcm carik arah ke orienteering ke.. anyway. tgh cube sibuk kan diri! wish me luck ya!