Thursday, May 07, 2009

pagi jumaat~


hari ini hari jumaat. ade ape dgn hari jumaat??

skrang jam 514 pagi? what i'm doing in this early murning?? hmm, smlm tidur awal..
akibat kesaketan keperutan...[sesungut di ctu rupenye]

hmm, pape pon, hari nie, hari istimewa..supposely, but then, y x jadik istimewa..?because hmm, it left to be unspecial..yeah..i noe it, but y? hmm, naa...actually, it's my birthday today. so, what so speacial about it? nothing..hmm, yeah. supposed to be big day? it is? i dunnoe, never had that big day for me...never? pathetic ryte..juz a lil girl, that want sumtin on her big day..maybe a cake, that bought by her fren..i remembered last year, i was stay at usm at that tyme because i had to undergone kayak training for masum..n that big day...i was suprised by them afta i kne baling tepung n telur at khaleel area..huhu, such a terrible..rase cam da ready ntok d goreng..huhu. ..but sadly..there is NO CAKE...hmm, n i'm craving for the cake, so, i juz took the bus n go to BJ, buying a piece of cake, for myself..that was my big day...n for, past few years back...there's always my fren akan dtg rumah..(aina n fizat) will gegar my home, wishing me, n asking me to buy cake for them..y should i entertain them?, ere, i'm not managed to get a cake for my big day today..~ huhu, very sad! because, i got no car to drive here, so i can't get to the place where the cake exist! i dont have any idea is it the bakery exist at that pekan...~ hmm,ntahle so, let topic been close now or i will get more sad..hoho..

chiow~527 a.m

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