Tuesday, May 26, 2009

should i??

salam..dearest my blog..who always listen to my heart’s saying~

hmm, well, seriously..now, got BIG question mark on top of my head! n i keep thinking…why?..n why…n why…

maybe i’m talking too much? maybe i’m hoping too much? or maybe..it was just me the one who feel it too much?! am i too much?…*duhh!

yeah..too much i think..for those who i start disturbing recently..i’m sorry if i’m too much!very2 sorry..sumimasen!

maybe it was me..yeah, real me….i’m sorry for being annoying..texted in middle of nite, sorry…juz want to share wit u..that i’m in sorrow..n need sumbody to comfort me..yep, sumtymes i’m in sorrow without knowing y..sumtymes, i can be annoy without me notice it..sumtymes, i can be complex thinking in other way, y ave to be lyke this, y not lyke dat..but that was me…n sumtymes also..i keep talking n asking so many things like there’s no chance we’ll b meeting again next tyme. n sumtymes i can be quiet as a stranger…n for that….i’m very sorry for being that Salwa.

n am i writing too much also?? should i stop it?? should i??..

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