Thursday, May 27, 2010


kadang2 jiwa rapuh.

rase semua xmengerti, semua xpeduli.

diam. fikir. dalam2.

maaf untuk semua. am ai being selfish? ai dun noe what happen recently, it juz, everything not went well, ai dunno what ai should do, how should ai juz not happen in the way as it should happen.

*shed a tear* can ai juz go back home? ai juz think, ai need people to see me, watch me and took care of me for a while. i feel not healthy emotionally. it feel bad. ai need some love for a while. somebody care to give me a piece of ur love?

*still shed a tear*

ai belief it last for a couple of day. i'll be ok soon. ai promise. sorry for the hard time that ai give yu.

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