Monday, July 19, 2010

keje ouh keje

soklan femes mase nk isi form nk interview..

- are you bonded with gov or any non-gov area sector?
* yes, i am. I'm JPA scholarship holder, but within 6 month if, JPA did not sent any offer letter, can consider that i'm free from that agreement *

pastu, bile da masuk dlm interview room..interviewer bace, n akan tnye lagi

-how many month left? what if i hire you, then gov call you for the placement?
* it is compulsory for me to go, as it was stated in the agreement before, n about 4-5 month left(walaupon sbnr nye aku x g lapor diri pon lagi kat JPA sbb transcript mane de lg..belom konvo lagi). But, if only the gov call me for any placement, i have to undergo the screening test and an interview also, which i can purposely fail it if i already work wit ur company sir*

bosan ngn soalan tu bleh x?? curse la plak tbe2 ngn JPA nie.

tapikan, logical thinking, we are compulsory untuk berkhidmat dgn kerajaan, tp x djanjikan tempat. how2? n untk proses pemilihan by SPA tuh, xdek specialty pon, all are treated at the same level, either u are JPA holder or not, it doesn't, what the point? haiyaaaa......

n next time, should i juz sign the form by answering the question that i'm not bonded with any gov or any non-gov? adei. tipu salah. xtipu salah. how?

hmm...bersabar la wahai hati. i.allah. Dia Maha Mendengar dan Maha Mngetahui. at least u don't have any hutang for your edu ryte. Be grateful wahai cik diri. bertabah sket ye. kamon. :) teruskan usaha!

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akuKah.. said...

baru ku tahu cm ni rupanya..
selama ni asek dgr benda best je pasal JPA ni...hehe :)