Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cannot delete file?

Hi hi~

Morning! haha. What almost 4 PM kot..dang!
Well, as my job schedule is quite weird..(follow the U.S time), so it drive me crazy sometimes..can you just imagine..after 5 days you sleep at day time cause you need to work at night and for 2 days on weekend you need to sleep at night back, if only my eyes have the automatic button that i can just turn on and off! must be cool huh! so, xpyah pening2 kepala..huhu..

Well, this not a big issue actually it just happen recently when my car broke down last 2 nite, before that already work on weekend! O.M.G! (work on weekend? Xde life langsung kan?) --> Ok, saye tau! dun have to mention! i have to! and i need to! =.=" sedey kan.. nak kumpul duet nak kawen la kate kan? ekekeke...tersedak kang orang sane bace. Ok, back to the main story. my car down! bau terbakar kot satu kereta! panic jugak la! tp buat2 cool, then tersadai la kat tepi jalan! and it almost 8.30 AM~ my god!, firstly, msg org tu, suh topup kan sbb credit tbe2 da abes (time tu jgak nk abes..drama kan?) then, credit yg on help! yes, my hero comin'~~ My Babah! and angah and his wife also..naseb kne kat Balakong, kalau kne kat area Cyber lagi seram oo...kete x banyak kot kat sane..ok, then end up i have to take EL cause no transport nk p, that night i go back sleep la..then, next day, masuk balik like usual..which is berjaga malam~ what i said earlier..if only i have a switch! ok~ tido SEKARANG! ahaha..dem..but obviously TAKDEE la kan..and after 2 days, i on my off day! which mean tido malam balik...adoi la..pening2...

ok, abes cerite pasal keje yg merepek tu, the purpose of this pose actually just want to share out something..whick i think..ramai da tau kot..but..still nk share jugak! biar's about the Unlocker Assistant. Tadaaaa!! xtaw kan? (sape2 yg da tau..pelishh..buat2 xtaw k. tqvm) ok..this software is useful when come to the place where u unable to delete the file. kadang2 people tend to just delete the file just hit delete kan, goes to recycle bin which is good jugak, let say salah delete ke, ley restore balik from the RB (Recycle Bin)..or maybe can force delete by hit Shift+Del. ok, but somehow, ad file2 yg degil and xboleh d delete. Ada error keluar stated :

Error Deleting File or Folder
Cannot remove folder xxxxxx: It is being used by another person or program.
Close any programs that might be using the file and try again.

Ha..slalu ap yg d buat..adelah tutup any files open yg related to kan, xpon maybe ley cube godek2 kat task manager and kill any process yg macam mirroring to that files, but if still unable can try to use Unlocker Assistant! Just p kat pakcik google, type in, and download..n tada! ready to use~ once you click to delete the file, it will open up the Unlocker Assistant and you have option whether to kill it or unlock it. Like mine, i choose unlock and after that, just hit delete - in the blink of an eye! the file has been deleted! Wallauu~ easy to use! try it now! haha. da mcm promoter pulak bunyik nye. okies. sampai d cni sahaje post kali ini. berjumpe lagi d laen hari.

pikir2 kan, dan selamat beramal! ;)

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