Tuesday, June 23, 2009


tiket transformer fully booked!
so, mlm bsok kot p tgk~
ouh, all my stuff not packed into bag yet!
i'm so pemalaSss to move all my thingy to new room..
ouh gosh~
sumore, now i'm become nisreen's driver~
sent her home everyday to her house, n in return, she pay my petrol for 30 rggit per 2 weeks~
i'm didn't ask her to pay, but she insist to~
x nmpk cm cekik drah ke?
i'm very tired today...playing basketball~ giler2 punye all out..
ntah pasaipa..aku pon xtaw..
huu...aku tersgt la menci skang..
stuck in my work..
still working on with the pop-up calendar in php..
for the web based application for WSN that will be release in about one-two month from now i think..damn! i dunnoe y i'm been assigned to this serious project~
i ave to present to customer..(n ptg td, the designer was laughing at me, cause i dunnoe how to make the flash banner! haish2..i ave to learn!!~ they simply cannot put that people down! n as a result i'm going out to 7e at office hour buying 5 cornetto..lalalalala~)..
--> Aslam da new RO will come register in early of this July, he will guide me in this WSN software development..at last, there's sumone expert that i can rely on~
huu..got to go~

p/s : i'm happy for u dear~ (anda tahu anda siapa)

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