Monday, August 31, 2009

lecturer visit~


baru bngun tido, (baru smp dari KL jam 430 pagi..n sahur tido balik around 630)..
-baju x iron lagi
-x mndi lagi
-barang x kmas lagi
-log book x siap kmas kini lagi ( a recent update bout EPrints )

*noted - masuk keje jam 810 pagi (ouh, perlukah lmbt bngun d kala Pn Norlia visit?)

touch card kt pintu masuk utama CEDEC
huh~ i'm really dead meat!
start pc n leptop.

receieved called from Pn Norlia, she's arrived already.
T-rex go to Pusat Islam's parking to fetch her.
I'm still in front off PC..
here she come!~ huhu~
salam n smile..*evetin' will b oukey dear..ckp dlm2*
ayat t-rex yg xbley blah.."ko salam die siap cium tgn..ingt jumpe mak mentua ke?"
erk...*sengih* xbley ek?..da terbiase ouh(mama kate, jumpe org tua kne salam, cium tgn, gugup pon ye gak sbnr nye)..adess..

so, kami setup2 pe yg nk kne present..
Pn Norlia discuss bout us with Encik Kus at General Office..
jumpe Dr kot..

fes goes wit T-rex n Kamal..Microedis system
then Salleh n me..Wireless Sensor Network System.
huh* gile gentar..nk taw pasai pa?
sbb sistem tu aku dah handover kat Aslam sbnar nye..
n tadik present nasib x bnyk yg change, juz pertambahan graph n register form.
database still mine. fuhh* selamat!

alhamdulillah~ sume setel..
but the log book part..sbb x cop kne "poor" for evaluation..dunnoe she did it for real or not..hemm..*hehe, but then die puji la, log book aku bnyk lukis2..haha, aku mmg suke lukis2..lalalaa~ sbnar nye trick nak kasik penuh buku je lorh~ tak taw dah nk tulis ape..

n she's good..Lecturer yg baek n ramah. i love the way she's giving her feedback. even though quite strict..but it was okay. evetin's doin fine n juz fine..

ant soklan2 yg buat aku sengih tersiput2...

- what kind of approaches you use in a way to analyze this system..
aku tnye balik die, yg SDLC kejadah tu sume ke..alo..bnyk kot, xkan aku nk buat sorg? hurm..then, juz document analysis n interview je lah..(time kol Jabatan Alam Sekitar)

- pasal restriction untuk form tuh, yela, like fon number, kalo kite enter huruf pon, database still accept it, so-called rubbish in database..yeah2..haha, dat one, aku da agk dah bile aku bukak system tuh balik..sbb bukan aku yg tmbh part tuh. adess..sengih lagi.."that one crucial part..if we dealing wit we not keep the rubbish..baek2" progress...~

- database got no prob...since the database quite simple..perah otak kot nk build database sengal tuh..

so, what did you learn here?..did it tough..? do you think its manageable?
hemm, i far..evytin's doin fine...n we learn bnyk sgt!


Pn Norlia continue her journey to visit the others student at..MDK..Majlis Daerah Kerian..she said...

see you in two weeks times!



so guys, start doing report n for the fyp project title..from my supervisor's discussion with Pn Norlia..
- we can cont our system here.

- am i right that only student who doing LI in Penang can cont their system at work for FYP? do correct me if i'm wrong..

- our title for FYP has already set by Dr Wan Tat Chee. so, Pn Norlia ask if we want to cont, our supervisor has to email him bout our FYP title. hem..i was thinking that we can choose our self not by picking the title that already been set by them

- if one topic has many request, they will use bidding system n the lecturer who supervise that topic have the authority to choose,n basically its all depend on our CGPA..noe what i mean ryte.

- n for those who want to cont from the one that you work before at your Organization, Dr Wan Tat Chee must approve first n see whether is there any lecturer willing to take that topic.

- for this time FYP project, we can have, 1 or 2 or 3 in a group. but, recommended 2 in a group. n we have 3 stage of presentation.....n our supervisor now, will be co-supervisor ..n he'll be attend all our viva. The last viva will have 4 panel included c0-supervisor..

so, still thinking whether wanna cont or not.
*thinking mode*
in every 2 weeks must contact people here..
n maybe for sure come here punye lorh.
hehe..(kunun sgt, abes LI..gudbye CEDEC, gudbye Transkrian..ekeke)

still thinking*


PurPlez said...

gerun gile!
psl repot, apa yg perlu ade eh?
2 weks lg kot aku kat cni r.
pape info bgtw aku eh.
i relly need that info
especially for repot LI kite ni.

YAN^S said...

pergh.. dah tak sudi dah nak kawan ngan kitorang dah lepas habis LI

peLangi said...

@ pepel~
if there anything, i'll update later k.

x ckp pom x moh kawan..
pandai2 jeh

YAN^S said...

goodbye transkrian tu kira mcm tu lah

peLangi said...

mane der...
itu sbb aku x duk cni dah..aish2..
pandai2 je buat andaian

YAN^S said...

ckp tak terang... mana nak paham...

peLangi said...

kalo x paham, sile x tnye sesat jalan taw..hehehe