Monday, June 06, 2011

First Day!

First day work in Bangalore Office. I was late! that sound not good at all right? hoho.

Well, wake up at 6am in morning in Bangalore time. then, keep awake until 2 pm, that definitely will make u super duper sleepy after right. Plus2 after you get your meal! By the way, the food were delicious. I love the chicken lolly pop the most! still didn't manage to snap pic while on lunch or dinner. cause always in hurry. and sumore my dear nikon was kept safely in security box inside my wardrobe. but is ok, got google. so, here is the chicken lolly pop!

credit to Google.
Seriously sedap! ehehe. by the way, back to my initial story, after my lunch...(slpas tahan lapar dari pkul 6 pg) got back to my room. n plan to lepak2 kjap. n i was fall asleep. but, already set the alarm as afraid i wasn't notice time already 3pm. But. not work! :( I was awake by the alarm, but i went back to sleep. =.=" ~ suppose we need to meet the driver at 3.30 at lobby. n the i wake up at 3.30! whoaa~ n heard all the voice in front of my room! dangg!!!! jump from katil! n get ready! it tooks about 10 min! yeah, thats my expertise! siap dgn sgt laju! n run towards them, n we left to office. Yadda..yadda..yaddaa~ btw, we have driver who took us to office and fetch us when we finished work. Manja kan? even worse! pintu pon die bukak n tutup the way...they so nicceee...seriously! huhu. well , with AMEX? who wont be nice rite? but indeed, they all nice people actually.

Btw, we have been introducing to 16 newbies that we will start teaching and coaching them next week. Well, would like to say...nervous! Among of them ad yg hold a MASTER in Tech, Engineering and ade course psychology! patut la psycho semcm jeh. ahaha. but then, mase intro myself tuh, bangga gak, dpt bg speech yg bek. ahaha. and ad cute guy jgak, muka mcm pelakon bollywood~ whoot2. hahaha. smpat plakkk....aahaha. bte, just look a glance jeh, xla lebih2, Bak kate ayah kamu...ingat2 la ncik yg kat Malaysia nie...haha. (slalu ingt ok)
n btw, they speak in Hindi tau. tadi mase masuk ofis, lepas kuar dari blik training, duk kat cubicle masing2, dgr dorg psang lagu n nyanyi2. Feeling2 mcm tgk cite hindustan pon ade. ekeke.

Tadi, smpat gk test phone ofis, tepon umah, Mama xsehat, actually, one whole famz kot. Cuaca kot. Ncik pon xberape nk sihat jugak, pape pon bnyk kan minum air la..

Well, got to rest now! Need to rest! Btw, they planned to buat simcard today, bnyk ok process die. nnt will update next post k! Since now. Off dlu!

Salam syg dari Bengaluru ~ (ouh..feeling gedik2 sket!) hahaha.

P/S : cik rumet. rindu awak jugak! hehe. TC love!


miss puteri said...

yey! Alhamdulillah . chicken lollypop look delicious. nom nom nom.. salwa memg suke ayam2 goreng mcm tu!hee.. so, balik nanti boleh cakap hindi lah.. kalau awak lama di sana, dah lama usha2 tiket sekrang jugak!hee..

take care dear!

iPai said...

hamboi2 .. sempat usha hero hindustan ek .. hehehe

jaga diri ek sayang .. baik2 ..

nanti blaja laa buat resipi ayam tuh, leh makan sama2 plak .. uhhuhuh

ibu kirim salam lagi ..