Friday, July 22, 2011

Kebebasan bersuara

As salam..

Seriously, i missed old those days where i blog like-no-one-care what i wrote. Its like any feeling, anything that came across my mind, i will write on my blog. It was like diary of my life. Bout my crush! My feeling towards other, bout insanity, almost bout everything.

But time ran so fast...change. a lot of thing has changed. From friendster blog i, i move to blogspot. then, i changed my link..just because i ran from people. Even though, i now, soon or later, they still able to find me. Common man, its IT world! Dunia tanpa sempadan. Jauh mana kau lari, sembunyi. They will find you. One day. I know that! For sure.

The reason u hiding? Running away? I couldn't tell u..its not because i don't want to. It because..i dun have the specific answer. It just pathetic cause u dun know how to express those feeling in words! Craps! Hoho.


miss puteri said...

(T_T). jgnlah lari...huhu... tunggu awak pulang!!! TC. happy weekend!!

iPai said...

jom bukak tumblr 1 ..